Sugarbush Resort: Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Session SessionFull Day
Lift Ticket Ticket TypeIkon Pass
Lift Lines Lift Lines0 minutes
Snow Trail Conditions25% open; Spring Snow, Corn
Glades GladesSome of the northern facing woods were still in play, though the tree wells are growing.
Moguls MogulsPlenty
Terrain Park Terrain Park(s)Still some features set up on Racer's Edge.
Run of the Day Run of the DayRipcord
Food and Beverage Food and BeverageCafeteria and pub still open.
Comments CommentsI was expecting the worst after the major rainstorm, but Sugarbush undersold and over-delivered. Their snow report stated that Heaven's Gate would be closed, but alas they had it running by mid-morning. Today was the last day of Super Bravo and Heaven's Gate.

From the Valley House Quad, Stein's Run has good cover, though the snow is a bit weird (lots of baseball sized ice chunks emerging from the snowpack). It was groomed out this morning with some bumps left on the sides, but it was bumping up by mid afternoon. Reverse Traverse is skiable all the way to Organgrinder, but is closed thereafter (no snow remaining at the end Heavens Gate Traverse, so there would be no way to get to Heaven's Gate once Super Bravo closes).

Snowball is initially wall to wall, but the chokepoint (just past Twist) is tighter now than last May. Whereas it seems like there's usually more coverage to the right, that's fried and now it's to the left. Back to wall to wall thereafter (and one can still ski to the right of the tree island with some bumps). Lower Snowball and Racer's Edge are already being put back together in a few places. Spring Road is fine. Spring Fling is still mostly wall to wall.

From Super Bravo, Valley House Traverse still had full coverage. Murphy's Glade was about half wide, but still decent. Birdland was ungroomed with a few chokepoints and snowsnakes, but otherwise good. Domino Chute was fine, while the top of Lower Jester had to be put back together. Lower Jester and Lower Organgrinder got heavy quickly. Downspout was okay with only a few bare spots.

Gondolier is closed, so all traffic was going down Coffee Run (decent base still).

Best skiing of the day was off Heaven's Gate. Jester was thick, as I think it had been groomed just prior to opening. Organgrinder was a little tricky in places with snowsnakes, but otherwise had good coverage. Spillsville had very good coverage and was all bumps.

Ripcord was the run of the day. Though there was a chokepoint up high, a few snowsnakes, a chokepoint at tower 4 (avoidable by dropping out via Paradise Extension), and the bottom was closed (below Bailout), the snow was really good. Other than those areas, the coverage was wall to wall and fairly even (some minor bumps in the chokepoints and some larger ones on the sides if you wanted them). Firm enough not get chunky, but soft enough to sink an edge.

With regard to the closed pods for those thinking about skinning, Castlerock and Gatehouse look patchy at best and Lynx looks fairly bare. From afar, it looks like there's still good coverage at Mt. Ellen.

Lifts were generally ski on all day. While the weather was so so at best to the east and south, there was a lot of sunshine and blue sky here.
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