Okemo Mountain Resort
Okemo Mountain Resort
Sunday, December 13, 2020
Submitted on December 13, 2020 by nhalex (196 Rating196)
Session SessionFull Day
Lift Ticket Ticket TypeEpic Pass
Lift Lines Lift Lines3 to 5 minutes
Snow Trail Conditions25% open; Spring Snow, Loose Granular
Glades GladesLol, no.
Moguls MogulsStarted to form on the Plunge and Screamin' Demon
Terrain Park Terrain Park(s)No?
Run of the Day Run of the DayNor'easter
Food and Beverage Food and BeverageWater was wet
Comments CommentsStarted off the day at around 8:30. Took up the A Quad to Sunburst, where the line was about 5 min, but the singles line was very short. The line later grew to more like 7-10min for groups and 3-5min for the singles, but after lunch there was basically no line.

World Cup- coverage was pretty spotty, snow was soft

Nor'easter - coverage was a little better just patchy right at the top. Skied really well! Snow was soft and it wasn't too bumpy.

Sapphire - same soft snow, but got skied off more, getting a bit icy towards the end of the day

Solitude wasn't busy at all today. Went over there around 11 and there was just a very short wait, not really even a line. Went back later and it was pretty much deserted.

Heaven's Gate - skied pretty well, soft but packed down

The Plunge - soft snow, started to bump up later in the day

Screamin' Deamon - soft snow, started to bump up later in the day

Coleman brook - soft, but pretty packed down

Jackson Gore (both Coleman Brook express and Quantam Four) was an absolute ghost town, all day. Spent some time over there around 11-12 and 2-3 and it was a ghost town both times. A few first timers on Coleman Brook, but that was pretty much it.

Sunset Strip - soft, packed down

Upper Limelight - mostly packed soft snow with occasional ice patch

Lower Limelight - soft snow, bumpy in spots, packed down in others

Overall, I had a really good time at Okemo. Snow was pretty good, and it wasn't too crowded. Once again, Vail hits it out of the park with the COVID precautions. Today at Okemo had to be the highest mask compliance day I've skied yet. Almost everyone was wearing a mask, I often went hours without seeing someone not wearing a mask.
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