Ragged Mountain Resort
Ragged Mountain Resort
Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Session SessionMorning
Lift Ticket Ticket TypeDiscount from Third Party
Lift Lines Lift Lines1 to 2 minutes
Snow Trail Conditions75% open; Loose Granular, Frozen Granular
Glades GladesClosed due to thaw-freeze (looks like there's still full coverage).
Moguls MogulsNone
Terrain Park Terrain Park(s)
Run of the Day Run of the DayFlying Yankee
Food and Beverage Food and BeverageDid not partake.
Comments CommentsFirst (and possibly only) day of the ski season. Whereas I normally ski 75 days/nights per season, I did not pre-purchase any passes this season.

I disagree with mandating face masks in an outdoor, distanced environment, particularly when the mask mandates obviously did not stop the spread of the virus. In hindsight, many of the orders governors issued ended up causing more harm; it's time to focus on finding solutions that actually save lives, rather than having ever-changing arbitrary rules that did not prevent record case loads and fatalities. I hate wearing a mask in the supermarket and really hated wearing one today, whether it be the fogging goggles or having wet fabric on my face all morning. In a few brief conversations with skiers and employees this morning, there is growing mask fatigue, so hopefully this ridiculous mandate goes away soon.

The warmer weather yesterday gave way to below freezing temperatures and wind overnight, resulting in a lot of boilerplate today. The last groomed areas were decent granular skiing, however earlier groomed flats were very firm. All of the natural traills were closed.

On Spear Peak, I think Flying Yankee skied the best. Very pleased to see there was no race training today, as this is one of my favorite trails in the region. Showboat and Cardigan were okay.

On the main mountain, Sweepstakes/Easy Winder/etc. were closed. I heard Birches was very firm. Lower Ridge was boilerplate. Main Street had been recently groomed, so it had a nice loose granular surface. Upper Exhibition was decent.

Temperatures were just above freezing, but not enough consistent sun to soften things up. Not overly crowded, but generally a few minute wait for either chair (longer on the 6 pack).
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