Burke Mountain Resort
Burke Mountain Resort
Saturday, January 8, 2022
Submitted on January 8, 2022 by rocket21 (1408 Rating1408)
Session SessionMorning
Lift Ticket Ticket TypeDiscount from Ski Area
Lift Lines Lift Lines0 minutes
Snow Trail Conditions15% open; Loose Granular, Packed Powder
Glades GladesNot yet open.
Moguls MogulsA few forming on the side of Lower Willougby.
Terrain Park Terrain Park(s)Small set up on upper Bunker Hill
Run of the Day Run of the DayShoot
Food and Beverage Food and BeverageNo masks required, so I once again happily gave them my business. Hot chocolate was a little pricey ($3 for small), but cheeseburger & fries was reasonable ($9).
Comments CommentsSeeing that Upper and Lower Warren's Way were open, I headed up. Unfortunately, the snow report is inaccurate or not truthful. Warren's Way is indeed covered wall to wall, top to bottom, but it is completely closed to the public (despite being listed and counted on the web site). According to a less than enthused season passholder, they did this yesterday as well. They had some training courses set up on Lower Warren's, but there was nobody using Upper Warren's (except for a few random skiers who ducked the rope).

With that, it's the same options off the top as before Christmas: Upper Fox's Folly, The Shoot, and Upper Willoughby, all merging onto Upper Willoughby. From there, there are two options: Lower Willoughby and Graham Slam. The trails were initially nice with the inch or so of powder from yesterday mixed in, but they soon became firm and fast.

The lower mountain is now open with two ways down: Binney Lane and High Meadows Pass (with a short segment of Bunker Hill). Carter Country was also groomed out, but not available today, as there was not enough staff to run the J-Bar. Lower mountain trails were packed powder and in decent shape, but Binney Lane was busy (being the only direct way down for people using that lift).

No snowmaking in progress this morning, but snowmakers had just wrapped up McHarg's Cutoff. Unfortunately, since the public is not allowed to use the T-Bar and apparently can't use Warren's Way, the public will not have access to this trail when it opens.

The Mid-Burke chair stopped at around 11:30. Eventually they fired up the auxiliary and slowly unloaded the lift, telling people to ski the lower mountain instead. Not worth it at that point, so I called it a day.

Cold morning with temperatures in the single digits. Not much wind. Clear blue sky, but it takes awhile for the sun to hit the slopes due to the angle and pitch of the trails. Apart from the lift problem, both lifts were ski-on all morning.

I enjoy Burke's terrain, but probably won't be back until they get a lot more terrain open, because I can't trust their snow reports/policies for allowing the paying public on trails.
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