Sunday, May 1, 2022
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Session SessionFull Day
Lift Ticket Ticket TypeRetail Price
Lift Lines Lift Lines1 to 2 minutes
Snow Trail Conditions15% open; Spring Snow, Corn
Glades GladesThey're done for the season, although there were people in the woods at the very top of Snowdon and skiers right of Superstar.
Moguls MogulsPretty much everywhere. Super soft and some of them were absolutely massive late in the day.
Terrain Park Terrain Park(s)Peace Park on Ramshead was open and still had plenty of features, as well as some huge jumps. This was the last day of parks for the season - they held a big sendoff run at 1:30.
Run of the Day Run of the DaySkyelark
Food and Beverage Food and BeverageTacos from the Beastro food truck were overpriced but solid. Tons of people tailgated in the parking lots today. Umbrella Bar and a makeshift grill at the bottom of Superstar were also open.
Comments CommentsWhat a day I had at Killington today. Absolutely beautiful weather (skied in snowpants and short sleeves in the afternoon!) and prime spring conditions with a surprising amount of open terrain made this well worth the drive and lift ticket.

Superstar Express, Ramshead Express, and Snowdon Six were all open today. It was the last day of the season for the latter two. Snowdon was running on diesel power due to previous electrical issues and definitely at a lower speed than normal, about the same speed as Ramshead and Superstar were going instead of much faster. Cascade and Downdraft both could've easily been open today, but K1 wasn't running due to construction on the new base lodge. They definitely could've ran it if they wanted to - there was hardly any construction to speak of around the lift load area. I saw some people earning their turns on both those trails.

Off Ramshead it was just Timberline, home to the peace park. The trail had a nice flow to it and the snow conditions were excellent, with a strong base and an abundance of features. Caper was open to get down to Snowdon, although this was very slushy and was melting as the day went on.

Off Snowdon it was Mouse Run off the top, with Highline, Bunny Buster, Chute, and Great Northern open further down. Upper Bunny Buster was "open" but it melted fast as the day went on, to the point where there was snow at the very top, but after that it was only on the sides with thin cover and walking required if you wanted to make it down to the bridge. Highline was also walking required through the narrow section, but the bumps were worth it on the section used for racing. Mouse Run, as well as the lift load, got very slushy in the afternoon.

There were three main ways down off of Superstar: Nivis Walk-Ovation-Superstar, Skyelark-High Road-Bittersweet, and of course Superstar itself. The easiest way to get to the latter two was to cut across 1 of 2 narrow ledges on the side of the Superstar glacier, rather than trekking uphill. The Ovation Headwall was very sketchy, so we kept going down Nivis Walk to its next junction with Ovation. Middle Ovation had huge spring bumps and almost nobody around - a super fun run that definitely wore my legs out. Skyelark was a blast with good coverage and great corn snow. Superstar is incredibly deep and should easily make it to June. Superstar also had massive bumps, but was also somewhat crowded. Still fun of course, but you had to be careful for people cutting you off.

Given the great weather, amount of trails open, and the fact that it was May 1, it was fairly crowded and it felt like a big party at the base, with loads of people enjoying drinks outside and live music. This is likely the last day of my season, and today was a great sendoff.
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