Mount Snow
Mount Snow
Saturday, March 18, 2023
Submitted on March 18, 2023 by indyskier29 (101 Rating101)
Session SessionFull Day
Lift Ticket Ticket TypeEpic Pass
Lift Lines Lift Lines3 to 5 minutes
Snow Trail Conditions95% open; Variable Conditions, Spring Snow
Glades GladesPerfect coverage, not a rock or bare spot to be seen, but it's crusty and trying to find fresh tracks is a very bad idea. Skied Olympic Glade for the first time and the way it starts super tight but gets wider was pretty fun. Nitro glades weren't as crusty and are wider.
Moguls MogulsIcy moguls on the North Face, soft spring moguls on Sunbrook and some of the busier main face trails even after a groom last night. Ungroomed moguls were no bueno.
Terrain Park Terrain Park(s)Carinthia doesn't seem to have the full build it usually does, and honestly seemed to be a major disappointment vs what I'd seen in years past. I hit a few features, mostly jumps/side hits, on Nitro. I chalked last year's weak buildout to it being early season and the hill being half-open, but this is pretty inexcusable.
Run of the Day Run of the DayOlympic
Food and Beverage Food and BeverageNothing today except for a bottle of water.
Comments CommentsMount Snow handled yesterday's rain and warmth pretty well all things considered. It's a real shame that the incredible conditions (50" of snow from the last storm!) couldn't have lasted, but coverage was great and spring skiing will be excellent. I took my time getting up there to let things soften a bit, and skied from 11 to last chair at Carinthia.

Nothing I skied was particularly great, but nothing, except for maybe Jaws, was all that bad. I skied a bunch of the main face cruisers, including South Bowl (good), Ridge (a tad icy, but not boilerplate at all), Ledge-Choke-Canyon (Ledge was icy on the last pitch) and Exhibition from High Traverse down (springy). North Face in general was icy and/or ice moguls except for Olympic, which had softer moguls and was pretty fun, including the glade. Ripcord apparently opened for a bit then closed again. Carinthia had a closed trail segment or two, despite the 100% coverage. Odd. Conditions were all over the place, ice, crust, spring snow, moguls, etc.

The new Sundance 6 was slow for a detachable. On the plus side, that lift was never more than a couple chair wait. Do people not know it exists? Sunbrook was running fast but the snow was stickier down there and there was a moderate line, I avoided Bluebird and rode Grand Summit instead, which only had a few minute line and was running at the same speed. For Mount Snow on a Saturday, I expected much worse, Bluebird had a 15 minute line at most from what I heard/saw on EpicMix. Bonus points to the employees at Carinthia. Last year I was hit with a "lift closed" sign at about 3:50. This year, they dropped the rope and let a few of us through when someone showed the lifty that it was, in fact, only 3:59. It's those little things that improve my perception of a hill.
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