Waterville Valley Resort
Waterville Valley Resort
Saturday, April 1, 2023
Submitted on April 2, 2023 by skiit (359 Rating359)
Session SessionFull Day
Lift Ticket Ticket TypeIndy Pass
Lift Lines Lift Lines0 minutes
Snow Trail Conditions100% open; Wet Packed Powder, Wet Packed Powder
Glades GladesDidn't try any. Probably should have for the visibility but unsure of base depths in them.
Moguls MogulsSel's was fun when you could see where you were going. I couldn't even see True Grit, Gemma or Ciao but I assume they were ungroomed, wet & heavy. Didn't sound like fun blinded.
Terrain Park Terrain Park(s)Report said all 5 were open. I only came across the one next to the Green Peak chair. Of course I could have been right next to one and not known it.
Run of the Day Run of the DaySel's Choice - an ungroom mess of piles of snow. More fun on the lower section w/better visibilty
Food and Beverage Food and BeverageHad a skunked IPA in the empty Schwendi. The main lodge pub was the most crowded place on the mountain. And by crowded I mean not at all
Comments Comments6 of 11 lifts, 62 of 62 trails, 5 of 5 terrain parks, 35-45° F, 6" new, no wind, AM rain heavy at times, then dense snow fog. Partial clearing after 2pm. Open till 5pm.
We got there late as we were 1st headed to Tenney but they closed on the trip up. Since it was pouring we stopped for pancakes & maple syrup. 2-5" in the Lakes region. Arriving at WV we parked 5 spots from the stairs in lot 2. Lot 1 was 3/4 full. Lots 3-13 empty. Could have parked even closer. I never had my RFID card scanned that I could tell. Did I mention rain & fog. Close to a total whiteout at times. Empty 6 pack bubble & rain coat helped take the sting out of some of it. It was impossible to assess routes from the chair with bubble open or closed. Heavy snow on top of harder wet snow. When you could see where you were going they were nice heavy piles of snow all over. Cutable but not powder any longer. They left plenty ungroomed. The better skier & riders made nice work of those areas. Most runs looked like they only took one or two groomer passes so that made turning easier. I took a run alone up the High Country T-bar. And I mean alone. I asked the attendant if there was any groomed up there and he said he couldn't tell from here. It seemed like I was making the T-track. 95% white out on top & ungroomed. I could barely tell up from down. The occassional snow making tower were the only ref points. When I got down above the old lift shack near the T-bar I couldn't see the 6 pack terminal nor the Hutte nor a tree.
The sun broke out in spots across the valley late in the day and visibilty improved some especially mid mtn down. Psyched had barely been touched when I hit it late in the day. Real tiring but real fun sking. That's why they make Gore-tex!!!!!
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