Jay Peak Resort: Monday, April 10, 2017
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Session SessionFull Day
Lift Ticket Ticket TypeDiscount from Ski Area
Lift Lines Lift Lines0 minutes
Snow Trail Conditions100% open; Spring Snow, Spring Snow
Glades GladesFull coverage, but very sticky snow.
Moguls MogulsPretty much every diamond and many squares.
Terrain Park Terrain Park(s)Still a few features left, but most have been yanked.
Run of the Day Run of the DayJet
Food and Beverage Food and BeverageChicken tenders, fries, and a small fountain beverage were just under $11 at Stateside. Fountain beverages come with free refills. Pretty decent prices, but that new lodge cafeteria is pretty dark.
Comments CommentsThough I was 50% more likely to get engulfed in a Ponzi scheme by going to Jay, I decided to take my chances with a $36 ticket from their online store.

Blue skies and temperatures perhaps hitting 70. The snow did not set up overnight, so everything was soft to begin with.

My strategy was to park at Stateside, then ski the Tramside (flat runouts) early before things became too sticky. Things were sticky to begin with. Novice and intermediate trails were groomed. Tram was a pain in the neck, as it was a good 20 minute wait in the morning (low capacity, probably not full speed either), so I only took it twice all day. All chairlifts were running and pretty much empty. Decent amount of families at the area.

Ullr's, Alligator Alley, and Goat Run were groomed and had good cover. JFK was bumped, but good. I didn't venture down Wedelmaster or Northwest Passage, as the long sticky runout from the runs on that side was getting pretty taxing.

Green Mountain Boys was groomed and fun. Racer was also groomed, but had lots of water pouring down it in the afternoon. Lower River Quai was not groomed, but had good coverage (though sticky). Did not venture onto Upper River Quai, but it looked skiable (with one tricky area due to an ice bulge/rock).

I thought about Upper Can Am, but waited too long. By the time I came back to that area in the afternoon, the initial headwall had melted to rock and some ledgy areas were opening up below it. Folks were finding side chutes to enter the trail at that point. I also skipped Power Line, which had growing bare spots on it. Northway, Upper (bumps)/lower Milk Run, and Hell's Crossing all had good coverage and skied well, though sticky in the flats.

From the top, Vermonter had good coverage. I also ventured onto Green Beret, which had some undergrowth on the headwall, then pretty good coverage.

The strategy to move back to Stateside worked out very well as far as the Jet triple went. The trails off it had probably the best coverage and best snow on the mountain. Hot Shot Derick was a little sticky with big bumps. Haynes skied nicely with small bumps, though the lower part was grabby. I skipped UN, but it looked to have larger bumps on it. Jet was a lot of fun with small bumps on the steeps. Kitzbuehel had some larger bumps, but was a little grabby further down. Montrealer was decent.

Tiring, but fun day. In all of my visits on Jay (most of them on foot or snowshoes), this was probably the nicest weatherwise. Great views north, as well as east to the white capped Presidentials and Franconia Ridge.
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