Wildcat Mountain
Wildcat Mountain
Saturday, April 15, 2017
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Session SessionFull Day
Lift Ticket Ticket TypeDiscount from Ski Area
Lift Lines Lift Lines1 to 2 minutes
Snow Trail Conditions85% open; Spring Snow, Spring Snow
Glades GladesThe ones off Cougar are toast, but still snow off Lower Polecat and possibly Lower Wildcat. Still deep snowpack in a few of the unmarked glades in the vicinity of Upper Wildcat.
Moguls MogulsSmall, medium, and big throughout.
Terrain Park Terrain Park(s)None
Run of the Day Run of the DayLower Catapult
Food and Beverage Food and BeverageChicken tenders, fries, and a bottled beverage were just under $15 at the cafeteria.
Comments CommentsWhile not epic like last weekend (e.g. just about 100% snow cover), conditions were still pretty darned good for April.

Some of the snow set up over night, but things softened up quickly. Wild Kitten was fantastic early in the morning, as it was just freshly groomed.

Polecat skied well today, but a few of the obstacles are popping up. Will be good again tomorrow, but the choke points make take out Middle before long. Tomcat bypasses that section and was still skiing well today. Tomcat Schuss went from wall to wall last Sunday to just about completely bare (closed) today. Catnap is on its last legs, as the sun exposed part is single file. Stray Cat is still skiable, but postholes from barebooting hikers are annoying, as well as the rutted runout.

Lynx still has good base depths and wall to wall coverage. A few rocks were poking up in the afternoon. Al's Folly and Midway are toast and Lynx Connection is barely passible. Cougar is also barely passible in a couple of places and may be done today. Lower Catenary was still full width.

Lift Lion is now closed. Top Cat still has snow, even up high, but isn't accessible until Catapult. Black Cat still has coverage, but some of the snowpack is collapsing.

Catapult was full width and in good shape top to bottom.

Alley Cat is also in good shape. The lower lift lines are toast.

Bobcat is still wide and in good shape. Upper Cheetah is done, but one can still access it from Lower Wildcat and down (not too bad). Lower Wildcat below that crossover requires a little walking.

Upper Wildcat has a few narrow places, but otherwise was fine (though the moguls were awkward from snowboarders plowing snow into awkward places). Tried the crossover from the top of the last pitch (displayed but not labelled on the map); flat, lots of snowpack, but the end is a steep uphill. Noted some unmarked tree runs there.

Lift lines were 1 to 2 minutes until around 11:30. Once the slush jump thingy started, the lift was pretty much ski on thereafter. Had to call it a day early to get home for the era traditional Easter weekend, but still managed 30K vertical. Really nice weather.
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